We ‘Honestly’ Love This Boney James & Avery*Sunshine Collaboration

Award-winning saxophonist Boney James started off this past weekend on a literal high note with the release of his 16th album Honestly. In describing the significance of the album title, he explained, “I’m fighting the good fight to be my own artist and not be pigeonholed. With a record’s title, I always try to find something that will communicate the feeling I get when I listen to it. The feeling I get with this music is a sense of sincerity and intimacy."

These themes can certainly be felt throughout the title track, a simmering ballad featuring our girl Avery*Sunshine. She takes her time throughout the jazzy tune, caressing every note while allowing the lyrics to melt into the melody. "There's not much that I need from you baby/All I need is for you to be here," she appeals. While Avery does her share of the heavy lifting, Mr. James doesn't leave her to carry the weight alone. His smooth saxophone stands out with spine-tingling melismas and soulful interludes.

Peep the lyric video for "Honestly" below and let us know what you think. Honestly is available now via major retailers like iTunes and Amazon. Avery*Sunshine isn't the only #SoulBae featured on the new album, as our boy Eric Roberson makes an appearance as well. Scroll down to check out the album trailer and visit Boney James' website for upcoming dates where you can hear him perform the album in person.

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