FKJ Taps Into The Ethereal While ‘Vibin’ Out With (((O)))’

French producer/instrumentalist FKJ dropped his debut album, French Kiwi Juice, earlier this year and it was filled with wall-to-wall vibes with songs like "Skyline" and "Why Are There Boundaries." However, one of our favorite tracks from the set is the mellow and appropriately titled track "Vibin' Out With (((O)))." The song, named for featured artist (((O))), features FKJ on the organ as the singer provides silken vocals to accompany his melody. Now, six months after the album's release, the two offer us an ethereal visual for the laid back track.

The video opens with (((O))) flanked by four beautiful dancers, each holding large cognac glasses and swirling the liquid inside as we listen to the soothing sounds of her opening verse. "Fittin’ in your vibe and you be stylin’ out too quickly / Man it's just the way you do it when you move so swiftly," she sings, her eyes opening to reveal white, god-like irises. The drums kicking in takes us to another scene, with the dancers now moving in unison beside her as FKJ plays in the background. Though all this is going on, the video is more about capturing the song's vibe as the colored set switches from lavender to amber and golden confetti rains to the ground. By clip's end, we're given a moment to meditate on the magic we've just seen as the fallen confetti floats back upward and the set goes silent.

"Vibin' Out With (((O)))" is definitely a trippy vision, but one that's definitely worth taking in and — dare we say — vibing out to. Give the video a peek when you press play below. FKJ's French Kiwi Juice is available to purchase at digital retailers now.

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