K. Michelle Debuts New Tracks ‘Birthday’ & ‘Either Way’ Featuring Chris Brown

Singer, songwriter and s**t talker extraordinaire K. Michelle is back with new music. However, Ms. Pate is shaking the table on our expectations. After exploring the ups and downs of love on More Issues Than Vogue, the reality star is focusing on the positive things in life. Her upcoming album, The People I Used to Know, will explore true stories that have shaped her, reflecting on her past with positivity. That new vibe can kinda sorta be felt in her two new singles, “Birthday” and “Either Way.”

“Birthday” finds K. Michelle catering to her man in celebration of another year of life. Over a slinky R&B groove, K. Michelle seduces her man and even pushes the envelope on her own freak levels just make him happy. She’s willing to do some things she said she never would, like invite some chicks to come through to help with the festivities. She plans on losing control in every way as she tells him, "Let's get high, baby." The track is perfect for a cuffing season chill session, even if it isn't your birthday.

“Either Way” featuring Chris Brown is a trap&B number where K. Michelle tells the haters she’s going to be alright either way. She comes strong for those who come for her, singing lyrics like, “Ain't f**king with me on your best day / I don’t like you, but I love the way your man lick the plate.” Well, damn. Love him, hate him or ignore him, Chris Brown plays his part on the track, matching Kimberly’s energy and lyrical ferociousness. However, K. Michelle lets you know the song is still hers when she uses a “Migos flow” to talk that cash s**t we know and love her for. While Kimberly said she was going in a more positive direction, this song doesn’t exactly do that. However, we understand that sometimes you have to take a moment to address the haters and dust your shoulders off.

Fans of K. Michelle can’t go wrong with either “Birthday” and “Either Way.” These songs find the “Maybe I Should Call” singer at her best, showcasing her ability to give us both bedroom and club bangers with her brand of sauce.

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