SoulBounce Exclusive: Chantae Cann & PJ Morton Have Us Over The Moon With ‘Craters’

Chantae Cann may have recently released a remix collection, Journey to Golden RE-WERC, in August, but that's not all that the only new album to come from her this year. As a matter of fact, Chantae's next project, Sol Empowered, is dropping in a matter of weeks. We've gotten a sneak preview of Sol Empowered, and rest assured there'll be no sophomore slump for Cann on her second studio album. We can't contain our excitement for this release nor can we keep all of this good music to ourselves, so we're beyond happy to share the world premiere of the album's first single, "Craters" featuring PJ Morton.

Chantae Cann and PJ Morton are no strangers to working together. She previously sang background vocals for him, and they've collaborated on the song "Saying Hello" from his Following My First Mind EP. Whereas "Saying Hello" was a mid-tempo track about the feelings of sadness that arise when separated from a loved one, "Craters" unites the pair for a beautiful love song.

Written by Gordon Walters and produced by GPAC, "Craters" finds Cann and Morton singing a loving lullaby to each other over soothing bass, keys and drums backing them. PJ begins the song with the admission, "Like craters on the moon / Your love has made its mark / When you crashed into my heart / You hit me like a shooting star." He is a man in love and not afraid to say it on the chorus, "I can't get away from you / Can't keep me away from you / We belong together like craters on the moon." PJ isn't the only one who's fallen hard, however; Chantae is equally enamored. "You must be from Mars / Somewhere beyond the sky / When I'm with you I can fly high / Just one look into your eyes," she sings in an almost whisper-soft voice on the second verse. They're not the only ones in love, so are we.

A duet for the ages, we suspect that "Craters" will find a permanent place on quiet storm playlists, be played at wedding receptions and shared extensively between lovers. Stream "Craters" below and upgrade your music collection by purchasing the single right now on Bandcamp.

Chantae Cann's Sol Empowered will be released on October 13th and is currently available for pre-order from Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. The album is a fine follow-up to 2016's Journey To Golden. At this rate, we wouldn't be mad at an album or two from Chantae every year, if that's not asking for too much. Stay tuned to SoulBounce for more from this stellar project and keep up with the stellar Chantae Cann on her official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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