SoulBounce Exclusive: Merna Concludes ‘Sans’ Short Film Series With ‘Sky Lights’

For the past two weeks, Merna has exclusively brought us the first two chapters of her Sans short film series with music videos for "Broken Telephone" and "The Exception." Today, she concludes the series with the video for "Sky Lights" and completes her artistic vision.

The visual for "Sky Lights" is naturally a contiuation of the previous two videos. In this clip, we see the singer/songwriter/multi-disciplinary artist in a white room dressed in all white and striking a pose against a wall or staring at another wall of empty picture frames as the piano-driven song plays. Merna finally steps fully from from behind the camera for "Sky Lights" and we see her as a whole person, not just her arm or with her hair covering her face. This is, of course, deliberate to show an evolution in the loose storyline for the Sans short. According to Merna, the visual for "Sky Lights" is about, "Facing ourselves, mainly, and then each other, recognizing the real, enjoying the view and being content in what is." She likens it to something we can all relate to. "You know that feeling of being on a beach, feet in the sand, the sun hitting your skin and calm? That's what 'Sky Lights' is about, but internal." Indeed we do feel a sense of calm wash over us as we listen to and view "Sky Lights."

Enjoy the SoulBounce exclusive world premiere of "Sky Lights" below, and be sure to watch all three videos in succession to view the complete Sans short film. For all things Merna and to stay abreast of her artistic endeavors, follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.