Syd Gets Personal With New EP ‘Always Never Home’

After blowing our collective minds with her compelling Fin debut earlier this year, The Internet frontwoman Syd sets out to prove lightning can strike twice (in the same year) with her new EP Always Never Home. The terse collection confirms that "Tha Kyd" has matured into a grown woman, with each track revealing an artist who is able to mold her complexities into a perfected sound.

Whether this is based on her own life or she found inspiration elsewhere, one thing is clear, Syd has love on the brain. The soothing tones and chilled beats (shout out to AnonXmous) of album opener "Moving Mountains" belie heartache as she sings, "I've been moving mountains for you / Working my fingers to the bone / And what I got to show for it?" Meanwhile, it's impossible to resist the allure of lead single "Bad Dream/No Looking Back," offering a dual temptation with steamy lyrics and provocative soundscapes by Gwen Bunn and Ricci Riera. Perhaps the most experimental track in the collection, "On The Road" finds Syd talking of a different kind of love. Her ode to tour life features low-slung vocals and a slurred cadence paired with intoxicating production by Full Crate and Kintaro.

With a secret stash of unreleased tracks at the ready, it's possible that Always Never Home won't be the last new music we get from Syd this year. But if this is, in fact, her final release of 2017, she pulled an ace for sure. Stream the album below, download your own copy via iTunes and head to her website to purchase tickets for her upcoming solo tour which kicks off on October 9th in New York City.

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