dvsn Gives Us An Enticing ‘P.O.V.’

Next week, OVO's other R&B duo dvsn is set to drop their sophomore set Morning After. In the leadup to the album's release, the twosome has been giving us single after single. While we've definitely enjoyed the sounds of "Think About Me," "Don't Choose" and "Mood," we think the fellas might have just released our favorite of their releases thus far with "P.O.V."

Why is the song a quick favorite, you ask? Because it cleverly uses a chopped-and-screwed sample of Maxwell's 1999 jam "Fortunate." But it's not just the sample that makes this one a winner. The group's vocalist Daniel Daley is on a mission to change his girl's outlook on life. His goal is to make her rethink her take on things, from her insecurities about her body to the possibilities that can be had when the two make love. "I wanna change your life / I just wanna change your mood," he sings on the chorus. "Make you need to change your clothes / Still I never changed on you / You know I'm there when it's somethin' new / Little bit of me on you / And I just wanna change your point of view." The chopped-and-screwed sample, which smartly uses that tantalizing opening high note that Maxwell hits at the song's beginning, causes the song to throb with an urgency that helps this ballad surpass the typical bedroom fare and venture into new territory. Of course, Daniel giving us sensual vocals and intimate vibes with his delivery only sweeten the deal.

Their track has already garnered a seal of approval from Max, with the neo-soul crooner tweeting out that it's a kinda-sorta collaboration between the two. If Maxwell's down, then you know you need to listen. Check out "P.O.V." right here and look out for dvsn's Morning After to arrive on October 13th.

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