Kriswontwo & Mo Jcksn Show Us A Lovely ‘Day Of The Sun’

As he did with his 2015 debut album CEREMONI, Danish producer Kriswontwo assembled a pretty talented lineup for his sophomore effort Back to One. In addition to prior collaborators like Nicholas Ryan Gant, Stacy Epps, Bobby Earth and Billow, the September release also features underground rappers and indie artists like RES who can be heard on lead single "Crying For You."

With such a stacked crew, we imagine it was probably hard to choose which track should be the first to get a visual treatment. So it was a pleasant surprise to see "Day of the Sun" get the honor, not just because it's one of our favorite songs on the 12-track collection, but also because it features a promising young singer in Jcksn Ave group member Moriah, aka Mo Jcksn.

Mo's sunny vocals bring warmth to the uplifting tune, a '90s R&B groove with cool background harmonies, boom bap percussion and swanky riffs by Prince's 3RDEYEGIRL bassist Ida Nielsen. Directed by Nate Packard (with input from Mo), the feel-good clip follows the singer as she dances around her Memphis hometown, linking up with her sisters/Jcksn Ave bandmates and their peeps while giving some shine to a few local businesses in the process. Though Kris doesn't physically appear in the video, his infectious arrangement ensures his presence is felt throughout.

Watch the clip (and peep the visual shout-out to Prince) for "Day of the Sun" below and purchase Back to One via iTunes or Amazon. Although Kriswontwo has his hands full promoting the new album and kissing the cheeks of his adorable baby boy, you can keep up with the producer via his website and social media pages. We certainly hope to hear/see more of Mo and Jcksn Ave in the very near future. In the meantime, follow the sisters on Twitter and Instagram while we wait for some newness to drop.

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