Rachel Foxx Delivers A Crush Groove In ‘Happen To Me’

One of our favorite UK cuties, Rachel Foxx, is back with an uptempo track for her latest single, “Happen To Me,” which debuted on Huw Stephens' BBC Radio 1 show and The FADER. On "Happen To Me," Foxx ponders how she ended up developing a serious crush on her close friend. Though some might advise her to tread lightly, it seems that she’s thrown caution to the wind and is down to take the relationship as far as it can go. Rachel wonder out loud on the catchy chorus, singing, “How did this happen to me? / You know I wait, so patiently / And then you hit me in the face with your style and your grace / I’m thinking, how did this happen to me?”  The Skye Chai-produced track filled with synths, bass and a thumping groove is just as carefree as the lyrics with an infectious blend of funk and disco that beckons you to the dance floor to cut a mean two-step or body roll.

The visual for the single is as vibrant and infectious as the accompanying tune. We watch the East London lovely perform onstage backed by an equally spirited band. Everyone appears to be having a great time and seem to feed off of each other’s energy, which is likely the case as they are all real-life friends.  “I love this video because we shot it in my hometown Hackney. It’s so fun and genuine, and all the musicians featured are actually my real friends who happen to be talented musicians. They just made the day go by with ease and it was just jokes,” says Foxx. When asked about the song’s subject matter she explained, “This song is about being busy with life and still falling for someone — this person happens to be a friend, and it definitely was not in your plan or intentions. It’s just like 'Damn...Do I really like you? How did this happen? Why now?' I love this song so much, it's so fun." "Happen To Me" is indeed a fun joyride.

While the best crushes seem to appear out of nowhere, the new single “Happen To Me” by Rachel Foxx is right on time and has us eyeing our friends' list for any potentials. Press play on the video, clear some space to dance (trust us) and be sure to add the track to your 2017 jams playlist. Word on the streets is that Rachel Foxx will be announcing UK tour dates soon, so follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep track of all of her moves.

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