Get ‘Naked’ With Ella Mai

Ella Mai sure knows how to celebrate a birthday. The singer and proud Scorpio released a new single yesterday with the simple yet provocative title “Naked.” While you might assume the track is about stripping down to your birthday suit and doing what lovers do, Ella shows us her beauty goes beyond skin deep, as she exposes her true self to a potential lover on the stripped-down DJ Mustard track.

On “Naked,” Ella Mai wants someone who loves her for who she really is, flaws and all. “Are you that somebody who sees a wall and breaks it / Are you ready to fight just to see what’s lost behind my flaws / Can you love me naked ?” she asks. Basically, she wants someone who wants not just the good, but the bad and real bad. From her not quite perfect body, to her moodiness, to her selfishness, to her fears of commitment, she's going to put her lover to the test. While Ella’s voice is heavenly and sounds great against the acoustic guitar backdrop, old girl sounds like she’s a lot to deal with.

Though we’ve heard similar songs with similar concepts, Ella still manages to make “Naked” stand out with her edgy vulnerability. The song also shows off Mustard’s growing versatility, as we’re used to hearing club bangers instead of ballads from the West Coast producer. This is an impressive track anyway you slice it. Press play and get into Ella Mai keeping it 100 on "Naked."

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