Muhsinah Boosts Our Self-Esteem With ‘Myself’

Ever since we celebrated our 10th anniversary this past summer, we've been reminiscing and revisiting some of our favorite posts from that inaugural year, particularly our Bounce-Worthy series. As we strolled down memory lane, we were pleasantly surprised when we realized that our girl Muhsinah was one of the first artists to receive the distinction. As we've followed her career through the years, she has remained one of our favorites. Her solo creativity plus unforgettable collaborations with innovators like The Foreign Exchange, Zo!, Common and Eric Lau have helped cement her place in the modern archives of soul music.

She spoiled us last year with her monthly EP series adored by critics and fans alike. As if that wasn't enough, she also lent her incredible vocals to Zo!'s SkyBreak and "Unconventional" by Jus. But aside from a throwback track on FE's Hide&Seek compilation for Reel People Music, we haven't heard much from her this year. Thankfully, she had pity on us and dropped some inspirational newness with a previously unreleased song named "Myself."

The mid-tempo track is a motivational groove all about empowerment and self-love. We imagine a younger Muhsinah, just starting out in the music biz, giving herself a pep talk after receiving a possible rejection. Over looped synth and percussive stutters, her lovely vocals are imbued with resolve as she sings, "I'ma do this / I'm a success / And not because of anyone but me."

If you need a soundtrack to keep you encouraged while you manage the day-to-day grind, or just love good music in general, scroll down to stream "Myself." While the track isn't available for purchase at the moment, you can revisit Muhsinah's prior releases via SoundCloud and connect with her on Twitter.

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