SoulBounce Exclusive: Backbeat Underground & Aaron Abernathy Offer Classic Soul With ‘She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do)’

Soul music knows no limit, age or decade and it damn sure isn't dead (contrary to popular belief). You need look no further than here to see that fact. But we'd be remiss if we didn't spotlight those that continue to keep the flame ever burning. Today, we have the opportunity to do just that with the premiere of Backbeat Underground's latest video, "She Don't Love Me (Like I Do)." The track itself harkens back to the classic soul sound of the '60s and '70s. However, it still feels fresh and new thanks to the band's talented musicians and the vocal contribution of a friend of Backbeat Underground, Aaron Abernathy.

To capture the essence of the song, the video takes us to the purest place for a recording artist: the studio. We see the band members — Paul Haney on organ, Reggie "RJ" James on drums, Gerald Pierce on bass, Satya Thallam on alto sax, percussion and acoustic guitar (sheesh!) and John Wedeles on guitar — as well as a few additional personnel as they craft the passionate track. The mix of instruments is already enough to stir foot-tapping and finger snapping, but it's Abernathy's vocal that adds just the right intensity to take it to the heights. Channeling some of soul's greats, he delivers an emotive performance as he describes a one-sided love affair and takes us right into the feeling of the song's lyrics with him. And the band is right there with him, delivering horn-drenched, heartfelt soul every step of the way. The video does a great job of showcasing the creative process of creating the track and the camaraderie of the musicians, who appear to commune through the musical process as they tap into the essence of soul.

Backbeat Underground, Aaron Abernathy and all the musicians involved do soul music proud here and help ensure that its torch will be burning bright for generations to come. See for yourself when you press play below.

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