SoulBounce Exclusive: The Vintage Babies Journey Through Time In ‘Shine Your Light’

After working together in Common's band for years, Maimouna Youssef and DJ Dummy have pooled their individual talents together to form the duo The Vintage Babies. They've been wowing us since July when they dropped their lead single "Shine Your Light" followed by the Vintage Babies album in September. Now they have another first for fans with the release of their debut music video for "Shine Your Light," which we are happy to feature as a SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

Behind the camera for "Shine Your Light" is director Brian Kyle Atkins, who has collaborated frequently with Maimouna on her previous visuals. For a song that she describes as, "a call to our community at large to shine their personal soul’s light in the face of any and all adversity," the video treatment had to be special and it does make a statement. According to Maimouna, "The video shows three different time periods in which political issues were at the forefront of black popular culture." The three eras that Atkins and The Vintage Babies take us through are the '70s, the '90s and modern day.

At the start of the clip, we see Maimouna walking across her living room and up to the window. She isn't just looking out and watching the asphalt grow, however. Our girl is sipping on a cool drink and enjoying the breeze through the curtains. While she gazes outside, the scene switches to someone tuning the radio dial in their classic Cadillac to hear hostess "Sherry Duveaux" introducing "Shine Your Light." We're firmly in the '70s now with afros aplenty and polyester everything at a house party where DJ Dummy and Maimouna are gathered around a table playing cards with friends. When they pose for a photograph, the camera evolves into a '90s model as the fashions and hairstyles change to reflect the fresh hip-hop attitude of the times. Partygoers are now playing Uno and drinking out of red Solo cups. As the video nears completion, we're brought to present day with contemporary looks on Maimouna and DJ Dummy and scenes from each era sprinkled in, ending with a funkdafied Soul Train line.

The video for "Shine Your Light" is the perfect complement to the anthemic soul song. It triggers nostalgia with costumes, styles and props that are authentic for each time period. It's a feel-good short film that shows the beauty that resides inside of the struggle. "This song reminds the masses that we’ve been through worse times before and traditionally we’ve always used music and movement as prayer and healing and as coping mechanisms," Maimouna tells us. "The mantra 'Shine Your Light' tells the audience to do just that. Shine your light in the face of despair. Enjoy yourself, your friends and family, and have no fear."

The Vintage Babies have more soul food and food for thought where "Shine Your Light" came from on their self-titled debut album. If it's missing from your collection, purchase it now from Bandcamp or iTunes.

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