Tall Black Guy Helps Moonchild Take Flight With A ‘Run Away’ Remix

Moonchild is consistently a favorite around SBHQ (as you can probably tell), and so is producer and remixer Tall Black Guy. So what happens when two of our favorite entities unite? Well, it's actually an answer we already know, as they've collaborated before — most recently on TBG's song "I Will Never Know." Still, it's a combination that we'll always welcome with open arms. So when we stumbled upon his remix of Moonchild's beautifully melodic "Run Away," we, of course, had to share it with all of you.

"Run Away" in its original arrangement is a smooth, blissed-out track about sticking with love even through the difficult parts. Tall Black Guy keeps the essence of this intact for his remix. Things are still pretty smooth, with airy feeling chords keeping things afloat as lead singer Amber Navran's vocal flies freely. As the arrangement and Amber soar to new heights, TBG makes sure to add funky drums, horns and the slightest hint of bass to provide a solid foundation to keep our heads noddin' and toes tappin'. In fact, while this take doesn't necessarily have us wanting to break out in a sweat on the dance floor, it does make us want to pull the one we love close and break out into a mean little two-step.

We wouldn't dare say that TBG's remix is better than Moonchild's original. However, we will say that this remix adds another dimension to the song for music lovers to enjoy. Check it out for yourself below.

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