This Week In SoulBounce: Jill Scott Heads To Divorce Court, Mariah Carey Gets Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Meek Mill Sentenced For Parole Violation & More

Mariah Carey Accused Of Sexual Harassment & Racism

Hollywood's shakedown on sexual harassment has thrown out some pretty surprising names, and according to a security guard, we can add another big name to the list: Mariah Carey. Huh?! Yep, Madame Butterfly herself has been accused of sexual harassment and racism by Michael Anello, the head of the singer's former security company. Anello claims that MC committed “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello.” He also describes an uncomfortable situation in which he was called to move luggage and when he arrived at her room, Carey was wearing a see-through negligee that was open. Oh, Mariah. Anello also alleges that Mariah made racist statements to him, often calling him a "Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist” and that she said she “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.” These claims are part of a lawsuit against Carey that Anello currently has on hold, but it's all pretty damning just the same. #NotYouTooMariah

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