This Week In SoulBounce: Jill Scott Heads To Divorce Court, Mariah Carey Gets Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Meek Mill Sentenced For Parole Violation & More

Meek Mill Slapped With 2- To 4-Year Jail Sentence

The hip-hop community has been up in arms since it was announced that Dreams and Nightmares rapper Meek Mill was slapped with a harsh two- to four-year sentence for violating his probation. According to the judge in the case, his recent arrests for an airport fight in St. Louis and reckless driving in New York (charges for both were dropped, BTW), were deemed by the judge in his case to be violations of his probation. Many in the hip-hop community, including JAY-Z, have spoken out about the rapper's sentencing and some have even started a petition to get Pennsylvania's governor to lessen Meek's sentence. Whatever happens, we hope Meek is staying in good spirits about it all. #KeepYaHeadUpMeek

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