Thundercat Once Again Takes Us Through ‘Them Changes’ On ‘The Late Show’

You'd think that, with the number of times that Thundercat's performed "Them Changes" since the song's debut some two years ago, that we'd be sick of it. You, however, would be completely wrong. "Them Changes" is a solid, funky jam that we'll never get tired of. Never. That's why were pleasantly surprised to turn our dials and find the "Show You The Way" singer performing the track while appearing on last night's edition of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The bassist was sitting in with the show's house band, Jon Batiste and Stay Human, when he delivered a surprise performance of the Drunk ditty. In typical Thundercat fashion, he was rocking a red hat, red locs and a costume straight outta Dragon Ball-Z as he launched into the infectious anti-love song. Things stayed mostly in the same pocket as previous performances, with the backing band only adding a bit of musical depth here and there. However, a nearly minute-long instrumental break was added into the mix that reminded us of the epic performances one might have seen on television back in the '70s when live instrumentation wasn't an anomaly.

To repeat, yes, this is the umpteenth time that we've seen Thundercat perform this song and no, we will never get tired of seeing it. You can be mad about it or you can just take in this musical gift from Thundercat and enjoy the show. Check it out when you press play below.

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