Cleveland P. Jones Urges You To ‘Be Kind’

As he gears up to release his sophomore album Love & Humanity, singer/songwriter Cleveland P. Jones blesses anxious fans with the track “Be Kind (To My Heart).” With pristine and passionate vocals, the Bounce-Worthy alum pleads with his lover to handle his love with care, as he sings, “I was sensitive, so girl, it’s so easy to break my heart / Not because I'm weak, but because I love so hard.” The repetitive hook provides plenty of opportunity for Jones to show completely off and flex his falsetto muscles. Meanwhile, the track itself is pure R&B goodness, with a groove that goes directly to the listener’s soul.

This timeless tune was written, produced and arranged by Jones himself, and he obviously spared nothing in literally pouring out his heart. This seems to be his sweet spot, as he unapologetically tackled similar topics on his debut album Ace of Hearts in 2013. “Expressing my feelings of love’s lost and my recovery from such doesn’t make me any less of a man. If anything, I’m stronger because of it,” he says. These days, we certainly find it refreshing for a man to not only candidly express himself, but to do so in a manner that is quite soothing to our ears. We are glad to hear new music from Jones, and we’re excited about what’s to come from the 100th artist to be crowned in Bounce-Worthy glory back in 2011.

Take off your cool and give Cleveland P. Jones’ “Be Kind (To My Heart) a spin. His album Love & Humanity is due to be released in spring of 2018, but in the meanwhile, revisit his debut album Ace of Hearts on Bandcamp, and keep up with this Bounce-Worthy all-star on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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