Sidibe Gets Funky & Frisky With ‘Now We’re Making Love’

Sidibe has been a talent that's consistently been on our radar, mainly because of her beautiful, flawless vocals. However, just because her voice is angelic doesn't mean that she can't get down and dirty. She proves just that with the release of her newest track, "Now We're Making Love."

The song, which was released as an exclusive bonus track in Japan, finds Sidibe channeling her carnal side over a funky, rhythmic backdrop. "Now we’re making love tonight/Now we’re making love it’s so right," she seductively coos on the song's slinky chorus. "Now we’re making love good love/Now we’re making love one last time." While the song is very sexy, that "one last time" in the chorus is a clue that this isn't your typical song about relations. She further elaborates on the matter with the song's first verse, singing, "Was trying to fake it but you’re making it so hard for me to stop / You leave me shaking contemplating about how I feel / Got an advantage on me ‘cause you know the things that make me weak / And you fight dirty when you tell me what I want to hear." Adding to it all is a chugging bass line and thrilling electric guitar, keeping things relatively alluring.

With this joint sounding so good, we're glad that Sidibe decided to share it with the masses. You can stream the track in full via SoundCloud below and pick up your own copy of the track on her Bandcamp profile.

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