Calvin Harris Adds Some ‘Funk Wav Bounce’ To SZA’s ‘Weekend’

It’s Friday and, apparently, everyone is living for SZA’s “The Weekend.” Especially production maestro Calvin Harris. SZA has performed the track on numerous award specials and late night shows. It has been covered by men and women alike. The song has gone platinum and it’s not even an official single from her album. Yet. Apparently, there’s also a video directed by Solange and the songstress is waiting to drop it at just the right moment. Considering the heat index on the track, we think the time might be now. Riding the wave of his Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 album to success this summer, Mr. Harris gives the ode to star-crossed side pieces a little pep in its step with a remix.

"The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix)" starts with SZA’s original vocals over a stark piano accompaniment. Then the beat drops, and all the funk hits the fan. Harris turns the song into a bouncy old school jam full of rolling bass guitar, keys, a few synthetic accouterments and Roger Troutman-esque sped up vocals for good measure. For a song about longing for something within your reach but not your grasp, the happy-go-lucky production feels a bit off. But considering the lifecycle of the track, and the fact the song is so infectious, we really don’t care about the implied meaning behind the lyrics.

Go ‘head and hit play to get your two-step on to this one.

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