This Week In SoulBounce: Google Donates $1 Milli To Chance The Rapper’s Non-Profit, Patti LaBelle Speaks On Luther Vandross’ Sexuality, Vic Mensa Thinks He Can Be Prince & More

This Week In Beyoncé: An Award For Kaepernick, Shopping At Target & Her Email Habits Revealed

Speaking of Beyoncé. Queen Bey has had quite the week herself, with news tidbits flying about all willy-nilly. First, she was on hand to honor footballer-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick at the Sports Illustrated Person Of The Year Awards, giving him the much-deserved Muhammad Ali Legacy Award and pissing off racists in the process. Oh, and we should mention the form-fitting, black-and-silver dress she wore to the event, serving us all kinds of snapback glory in the process (see for yourself above). Then, to prove she's just like us, Bey was spotted at Target (of all places) doing some Christmas shopping with Mama Tina and her kids. Lastly, her recent collaborator Ed Sheeran revealed that it might be a bit hard to contact Bey because she changes her email address weekly. Well, that's one way to keep the fans guessing! Oh, that Beyoncé. #TheWeekInBey

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