Tiffany Gouché Takes Us For A Sexy ‘Dive’

Tiffany Gouché kicks some serious game to the object of her obsession in the song "Dive." The singer/songwriter/producer released the scorcher of a track this past summer and now that winter's chill is here, she turns the heat up hotter with the music video.

Director Leo Volcy and creative director/stylist Yazz Alali collaborated with Gouché on a concept inspired by Harlem Renaissance entertainer Gladys Bently. The blues singer and pianist rose to prominence in the 1920s and was unapologetically black, lesbian and a cross-dresser who routinely wore tuxedos and top hats while performing. In the "Dive" visual, Tiffany pays tribute to Bentley's masculine style of dress and confident swag. "I wanted to convey that her legacy hasn’t been forgotten," Gouché shared with The FADER. "She paved the way for women like myself."

The homage begins with the camera focused on the stage of a darkened theatre. As the curtain opens and lights come up, in the foreground are a few pairs of legs rising up through the stage floor. Another curtain rises to reveal Tiffany, who steps up to a vintage microphone and begins crooning. "You been on my mind, I just wanna show ya / Oh, we can slow it down, baby, let me hold ya," she pleads her case over a slinky sound bed of synths and percussion to an audience of legs in formation and moving in unison. Volcy's camera follows Gouché as she lounges in front of a fireplace and plays the piano, all the while surrounded by legs. We're gonna guess that Tiffany is a leg woman, but lest you think that's the only female body part on display in the "Dive" video, there's a dancer's twerking booty featured to really set things off.

Fresh from working her magic on Lalah Hathaway's latest release, honestly, Tiffany is hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited debut album. We look forward to hearing the follow-up to the Pillow Talk EP when it drops in 2018. In the meantime, "Dive" into Tiffany Gouché's titillating new video.

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