Timbaland & 6LACK Are Ready To ‘Grab The Wheel’

Back in October, producer Timbaland took to Instagram to tease the world about a new collaboration with singer 6LACK. Now the wait is finally over with the release of the duo's new single and video, "Grab the Wheel."

In the clip, a clean-shaven 6LACK hits the game room for a fun night, where he finds himself quickly falling under the spell of his date. Though he's trying to play it cool, her pull proves too strong for him as he waits for her to make the first move. She eventually throws the caution to the wind and finally makes her move — right there on the air hockey table for all the world to see. Just when you think this may just be a fantasy sequence, it seems it may have been much more as we see the lustful twosome getting tossed out of the game room, with his date throwing up her middle finger for good measure.

While this could have been a terrible end to a good night, the duo continue with their night, with 6LACK behind the wheel while his date lets it all hang out through the sunroof. As she drinks and smokes her way through the city streets, we can only assume that they are about to finish their makeout session in the privacy of somebody's home.

"Grab the Wheel" finds Timbo back at the top of his game, proving that he still has the Midas touch when it comes to crafting music. His signature stutter effects bring a bit of nostalgia to his otherwise updated sound. It is the latest to come from Timbaland, who recently expressed interest in teaming up with music's newest generation of artists. If he continues to create sounds like this, there's no doubt he'll be counting a lot of new, young listeners among his fanbase.

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