FùNSHO & RFLN Are All About ‘Free Love’

After capturing the attention of the likes of super production team The Neptunes with their cover of Daniel Caesar's "Get You," singer/songwriter FùNSHO and producer RFLN released the title track from their upcoming EP, The Free Love. With its dreamy acoustic guitar chords coupled with FùNSHO’s vocals, the blissful tune blows through the listener like a warm breeze and feels just as good. The track itself evokes a carefree mood, while the lyrics drive home a similar sentiment of liberation. It’s a statement on how women feel the need to conceal their sexual feelings in order to avoid judgment from others, while men are pretty much free to do as they please. He sings, “Get it outta my system / I need so many women / Why she fightin’ the feeling?/ For fear of the judgment / But they never judge men / So I just did what I wanted.” His answer to this gross double standard is simply, “She don’t need no chains on her / She just wanna be free / Well go and spread your wings.”

The Free Love EP marks the first collaborative project between the two DMV natives and is a seamless blend of R&B and jazz influences. They say they found inspiration in the ideas of the “Free Love” movement of the '60s and '70s, as well as recent events in entertainment and politics, amid all the allegations of sexual harassment and the resulting #MeToo campaign. “We had a conversation about the idea of being free from gender roles and the norms of society. We talked about different subjects and tried to think with a double consciousness about everything we could in regard to what love is. After that initial conversation, I started to figure out that we had a complete vibe to present from within ourselves for this track and our new EP,” says RFLN, a recent graduate of University of Maryland, Baltimore County with degrees in both Music Technology and Jazz Performance.

Liberate yourself and give FùNSHO and RFLN’S “Free Love” a spin below. Their six-track EP is due to be released on February 9th and will be available via all digital outlets. For all the SoulBouncers in the DMV area, grab your tickets for their Valentine’s Day celebration performance on February 10th in D.C., and follow them both on Twitter (FùNSHO and RFLN), Instagram (FùNSHO and RFLN) and Facebook (FùNSHO and RFLN) for information about The Free Love Release Concert & Party on February 15th at Takoma Station Tavern.

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