H.E.R. Bares Her Heart & Soul With ‘My Song’

R&B had a pretty big 2017. Hell, just look at how much the genre — long relegated to the pre-show — is dominating most of the major categories of this year's GRAMMY nominations. While her name wasn't on the list of nominees, it was also a big year for the mysterious singer/songwriter H.E.R. She dropped her second EP, H.E.R. Vol. 2, early in 2017 and unexpectedly followed it up with the release of her full-length debut — which combined both her EPs along with a few new songs. She also toured with Bryson Tiller before headlining her own solo tour this fall. Needless to say, she ended the year on a high note. Before the year ran out, she made sure to drop one last song, "My Song," to cap off her stellar 2017.

"My Song" is H.E.R. in her element, with just her voice and the piano in the mix. That's all she needs to convey the mood and emotion this tender love ballad deserves. "I wanna run away with you / Just take me to places I've never known," she begins. "When no one else seems to be getting through / Only you can tell what's going on." She goes on to describe a love with an unshakable bond. However, once the chorus begins, you realize that the loving message could be to a lover, loved one, God or maybe even herself. “Let me sing my song,” she sings sweetly. “I know this is my home / All that I’ve been wishing / I found what I’ve been missing / Right here from the start / So let me sing my song.” "My Song" without a doubt shows H.E.R.'s talent for song crafting and is a shining example of why we're anxious to see her star shine in years to come.

Take a listen to the singer's latest lovely ballad by pressing play below.

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