Kali Uchis Shows Us How To Get Through ‘The Storm’ With Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins

Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis has grown a solid fan base over the years. Now she's growing something —or someone rather — in her new video. It was just a week ago when the songstress released her latest single, "After The Storm" featuring Tyler, The Creator and funk legend Bootsy Collins, now the trio have a video to show for it. The beautiful collaboration meant they needed beautiful visuals to match and director Nadia Lee Cohen made sure of it. The video starts with Kali in the kitchen, where Bootsy becomes animated and gives her advice as she eats her Funky Flavor Flakes. Kali makes her usual grocery list but adds "love" to the mix before she heads to the grocery store.

Throughout the colorful video, Miss Uchis serves all the looks from the '60s, with bright eyeshadow and fierce winged liners to boot. She grabs a pack of seeds from the store to grow her own personal Tyler, The Creator, who blossoms under her care along with his chia pet afro. Kali patiently awaits her growing boo with scenes that make her look like a modern-day Cinderella. At the end of the video, Tyler is on the grill as Kali plays with their cute kids, who are also donning their chia 'fros.

The BADBADNOTGOOD-produced single is available for purchase in advance of her upcoming debut album Fool's Paradise. If you want to experience Kali's magic in person, you can head on over to her website to get her full schedule of upcoming tour dates, both solo and alongside Lana Del Rey. Catch Kali using her green thumb to grow love alongside Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins in "After The Storm" when you watch below.

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