Sy Smith Offers Up A Little Somethin’ For ‘Now And Later’

New music from our beloved Sy Smith is always a treat. Well, this February will bring sweetness abound with the arrival of her newest album, Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete. While we already know this one will be an automatic buy, we're not mad that she's giving us a preview with the arrival of the album's official first single, "Now And Later."

Just like the candy from your childhood, Sy's "Now And Later" is a sweet experience. Sy combines her honeyed vocals with jazzy stylings on the track. Amid the horns, piano and upright bass, she finds her sweet spot and holds the listener there while she offers sassy come-ons and soft coos. It may be winter now, but according to Sy, she's looking forward to the heat of summer lovin'. But she's not waiting for months to pass by. After teasing and taunting on the verses, she tantalizes even more with the simple yet suggestive chorus. "I'll save a little somethin' for now," she vamps. "And I'll save a little somethin' for later."

We, of course, are loving this "little somethin'" that she's offering, but like her, we can't wait to get the full package. Luckily, our wait won't be a long one. Sy Smith's Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete is set for a February 16th release and can be pre-ordered at your favorite retailers now. Get ready for Sy's new era by checking out "Now And Later" right here.

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