Trevor Jackson Shows You What Goes Down In The ‘Night Time’

When grown-ish premiered last night on Freeform, fans of actor/singer Trevor Jackson finally got the chance to watch him do his thing as Aaron, one of Zoey's (Yara Shahidi) new college classmates (and crush). Prior to that, the 21-year-old built up quite a catalog of work in roles portraying either a high schooler, like in ABC's American Crime or college student (Netflix's Burning Sands)  However, as he showed us last month with the release of his latest single, "Night Time," he's more than ready to show the world that he's all grown up in more ways than one. He continues that theme in the single's cinematic video, "Night Time (Pt. II)."

The video follows "Night Time (Pt. I)," which essentially served as a teaser for what's to come. It seems like a no-brainer that Jackson would opt for a music video that feels more like a movie given his acting background. In the clip that he co-directed with Wyatt Stromer, Jackson takes on the role of a vampire of sorts, suspended upside down like a bat and avoiding direct sunlight. He's seemingly everywhere as he sings about paying a nighttime visit to his lady friend. He courts her the duration of the video, emphasizing his animalistic tendencies as they dine on a dinner of raw steak before the action breaks for a short theatrical break.

Though he cares for her deeply, he is a danger to her and must be locked away at the same time every night so as not to harm her. She clearly isn't afraid of what could happen and tries to stop him from running away and stops just short of locking the final one. After he attacks her during the night, she awakens to find that she has now been transformed. Though she initially seems freaked out by it (though what did she think was gonna happen? He tried to warn her!), she comes to accept her new form as a creature of the night and off they go, decked out in matching shades, to go face the day hand-in-hand.

It's a fun, albeit slightly cheesy, companion to the bouncy ballad that finds the young talent getting closer to solidifying his sound. As far as his acting career, Jackson seems to have a solid handle on that. grown-ish has been earning warm reviews thus far. Next up, he's rumored to be in the running for the lead role in a remake of the blaxploitation classic, SuperFly.

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