Trina Broussard Reclaims Her Spot With ‘Where I’m Supposed To Be’

If life were truly fair, Trina Broussard would be a household name. The powerhouse singer first burst onto the scene with her stellar cover of Minnie Riperton's sensual classic "Inside My Love" on Love Jones The Music. Since then, she's bounced around the industry, occasionally blessing us with flashes of her brilliance. Trina came back to us in 2016, linking up with production team R&B Moguls to bring us her single "Adieu" much to our delight. Now they've linked up once again to bring us another one with Trina's single "Where I'm Supposed To Be," which finds the veteran vocalist claiming her spot while finding joy in the journey to get there.

Trina aims for a more contemporary R&B sound with the record. The production that R&B Moguls brings contains hallmarks of R&B, including a smooth, soothing melody. But they spice things up with a few modern embellishments, including 808s, programmed drums and ticking hi-hats that keep the sound square in the now. Speaking of the now, Trina uses the verses of the song to take a stand right where she is. Not only is "Where I'm Supposed To Be" a powerful statement from Trina, but it's a mantra that we can all adapt to our own lives. She reflects on the circumstances of her life, including her upbringing and big break, embracing both the good and bad that has brought her this far. On the chorus, she then sums up her sentiments, singing, "Feeling fine / Got peace of mind / And it’s right on time / It’s time to shine / ‘Cause I know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Trina Broussard's story is far from over, but we're more than happy to meet her in the now with her new single. Take a listen to "Where I'm Supposed To Be" below.

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