Take A Trip To ‘Cadillac Beach’ With Cameron Bethany

Following the release of his debut EP YOUMAKEMENERVOUS, singer/songwriter Cameron Bethany has shared the single “Cadillac Beach” as well as its accompanying visual. The soothing track washes over the listener like a warm breeze and is instantly calming. The gentle horns and chimes are almost hypnotic and serve as the perfect complement to Bethany’s pristine harmonies and tenor tone. At just over a minute and a half in duration, the song feels more like an interlude, leaving the listener wanting more as he sings, “I wanna feel what it’s like to live / And I’ve got all the time, so if you don’t mind, I’ll hang around for a little while / Like a clothesline, just give me some time / Let me stay here while I dry.” He describes the song as “sonic symbolism” and says, “It’s simply taking a moment… what you hope taking a breath of fresh air in the midst of an emotional thunderstorm feels like.”

The video is a mesmerizing array of patterns and colors. We watch as Bethany walks to the edge of a body of water and lights a firecracker, which explodes into the kaleidoscope of images we see throughout the visual. This seems to mimic the confusion and internal chaos that ensues following heartbreak and is in direct contrast to the tranquil nature of the song. “Director Noah Glenn masterfully recreated this calm using abstract imagery and animation to accentuate what we call ‘audio meditation’,” explains Bethany. “YOUMAKEMENERVOUS is an EP laced with truths and vulnerabilities and ‘Cadillac Beach’ is the escape to your imagination.”

The Memphis-based singer appears to be creating his own lane at a time when it seems that a lot of artists, regardless of genre, are following the same trap-style blueprint. He describes his sound as “mod fusion,” referring to its blend of various genres, textures and stylings. His record label, aptly named UNAPOLOGETIC, touts itself as a place where “differences are values and celebrated” and “vulnerability becomes art & weird becomes genius.” We are excited to see what’s next for the artist who has already drawn the attention of many, affording him opportunities such as singing background vocals for the legendary Stevie Wonder, playing for the Grammy Pro Recording Academy and touring Japan.

Take a much-needed break from the stress of your day and watch the brief visual for Cameron Bethany’s “Cadillac Beach.” Check out his full EP YOUMAKEMENERVOUS on SoundCloud, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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