Ciscero, GoldLink, April George & Cheakaity Are Out Here Just Trying To ‘Function’

After contributing to GoldLink's jam "Fall In Love" and the album At What CostCiscero is ready to take center stage with music of his own. Ciscero has once again teamed up with GoldLink to deliver yet another bop on the track “Function” alongside fellow DMV natives April George and Cheakaity.

“Function” is a club-ready mid-tempo number. However, this function in question isn’t a party. It’s about trying to function in a world of ghetto life. The sing-song chorus with the lyrics, “Ni**as out bustin’ / Shootin’ for nuthin’ / It’s the function, ay,” sets the tone of survival. Over Supah Mario’s hypnotic production of piano, organ, drums and synths, Ciscero and GoldLink trade verses about just trying to make it day to day. Meanwhile, April and Cheakaity hold it down on the chorus, along with adding some sweet harmonies to the festivities.

“Function” will be featured on Ciscero’s upcoming EP, Devil’s Pie. There's no release date for the project yet, but considering he hasn't let us down with a verse yet, the due date can't be too soon. Hit play, and let Ciscero and his crew help you make it through your day.

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