H.I.M. Is Ready, Willing & Able To Go ‘All Night Long’

It seemed that almost as soon as we were trying to solve the mystery of H.E.R. another elusive singer arrived on the scene, creating an almost call-and-response type of relationship between himself and the "Avenue" songstress. However, after building his career on responses to H.E.R., it seems that the equally mysterious H.I.M. is finally branching out into his own wholly original material. Our latest taste of his sound is the recently released single "All Night Long."

Just in case you were wondering, this is nothing like Lionel Richie's '80s hit nor is it as smooth and sensual as the Mary Jane Girls' jam. H.I.M.'s song instead finds the singer ready to go wild for the night with a pretty young thing. The opening strains of acoustic guitar fool the listener into thinking that this one might be a tender love jam. However, any illusions of that are dashed once the booming programmed drums are introduced alongside piano and we hear the initial chorus. "We can go all night long," he croons. "'Cause girl you a godd**n freak / So please don't get off your knees / You can go all night long." Um...well...OK, then. For the song's verses, the singer channels Trey Songz and Chris Brown as he tells the story of a chick who seems to match his freak and is down to please.

If we're being honest, this one comes off just a bit crass and there's not much here to differentiate it from what's currently going on in mainstream R&B right now. However, based on his previous songs, we're holding out hope that he comes a bit better on the next go 'round. Check out "All Night Long" for yourself below to see if you agree.

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