Jesse Boykins III’s ‘Earth Girls’ Are Out Of This World

We started hearing more from singer-songwriter Jesse Boykins III late last year when he made his major label debut on Def Jam with the re-release of his 2016 project, Bartholomew. The eclectic artist has been making his rounds, sitting down to chop it up on Desus & Mero, performing the single on MTV's TRL! and getting some great looks in the press. Now he enhances the album's aural experience with a visual for the track "Earth Girls." Boykins showcases his style and creativity in the Christine Yuan-directed video that features him as a homeless man. Jesse searches for his frequency as he starts by singing the hook to himself in a lonely tent filled with radios. Enter actress Rosario Dawson and the other beautiful muses aka the earth girls.

The video shows the earth girls in their natural habitat, either reading, dancing, primping in the mirror or fixing a cup of tea. The minute you see them, they're beyond unique, wearing dynamic outfits that look straight off the runway. Jesse himself is stylish, too, wearing African printed pants and a robe from Kazakhstan to bring his look together. Later, one of the earth girls uses her special powers to help Jesse with his frequency problems, and Rosario ends the video with a simple statement, "We found you, we're so happy you're here." We're not exactly sure where "here" is, but Jesse looks right at home.

We're digging Jesse's vision for the "Earth Girls" clip and can't wait to see what moves he makes next. If you haven't copped it already, you can get Bartholomew from your favorite digital retailer and tune into "Earth Girls" right here.

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