Watch & ‘Learn’ From R.LUM.R

In advance of the release of his upcoming EP ALTERIMAGE, singer/songwriter/classical guitarist R.LUM.R treats eager fans to a musical appetizer that is sure to please. The Nashville-based musician recently unveiled a performance visual featuring a stripped-down version of the track “Learn" entitled "Learn (altered),” and with little more than the accompaniment of a grand piano and a string quartet, the focus is on his emotion-filled vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics. In an indigo-hued room, he sings of love amidst separation. The passion and sincerity of the lyrics add a bit of warmth to the chilly scene as he sings, “Even though we separate / It's never gonna be too late / To learn to love each other / To learn to love each other.”

“Learn (altered)” is one of six songs recorded live and in one take for the upcoming EP, which includes alternate versions of songs from his critically acclaimed 2017 debut, AFTERIMAGE. In addition to the string quartet and grand piano featured in the visual, these new renditions also incorporate acoustic guitars to create a more minimalist and deeply personal sound. Of his latest release R.LUM.R. says, “'Learn' is the song that’s really, really tender, on the EP (AFTERIMAGE) and on this version. That was the song that kind of inspired this whole process, this whole ALTERIMAGE. That one is really special to me. I knew there was more I could do with it, I knew I could do it in more of an intimate, sensitive way, especially because people were asking for it on Facebook and Twitter and whatnot.” It seems great things happen when he feeds his creativity while also giving the people what they want.

Watch the visual for “Learn (altered)” by R.LUM.R below, and stay tuned for the release of his ALTERIMAGE EP via PRMD on March 9th. He’s set to perform these songs on his new tour, which just kicked off in Memphis, with upcoming stops at SXSW in March and Bonnaroo in June. Grab tickets to his upcoming shows on his website.