Pleasure P Calls Out Brand New Behavior On ‘You Changed’

There's nothing wrong with evolving but sometimes change is not for the better. Singer/songwriter Pleasure P is here to call a few people out with his latest single "You Changed." Pretty Ricky's breakout star teamed up with producer Lil Wonder for the uptempo track to address a significant other he no longer recognizes.

The chorus makes it clear that Pleasure isn't pleased with his bae's brand new behavior. "I was buying you bloody shoes / Now you're f**king with that other dude / Oh lawd / Cause you changed on me, girl, you changed on me / After all of the s**t that we been through / How you put the blame on me?," he sings. With harmonies and his smooth voice, Pleasure also infuses a few lyrics from Faith Evans' "You Used To Love Me" to drive his point home.

About the track Pleasure says, "Pain is what I've been thru in this business with friends, exes, business partners and even family. No one knows what it's like to be me and I'm pouring it all out on this song."

Pleasure P debuted the song after VH1's Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion. Now that the show is over, he's focusing on his solo music, along with Pretty Ricky's final group album and concert tour, which are both still in the works. You can purchase "You Changed" now on your favorite digital retailer and listen to it right here.

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