Stokley Williams Believes Change Starts With ‘We Me’

Though oft misattributed to revered activist Mahatma Gandhi, the old maxim "Be the change you want to see in the world" has proven to be an enduring source of motivation over the last few decades. Its influence can be felt in the music industry as well, inspiring stirring anthems like Michael Jackson's still-relevant classic, "Man in the Mirror." Now, 30 years after the release of that song, Stokley Williams echoes its noble intent with visuals for "We Me."

Via press release, Mr. Williams shared that the powerful song – featured on his 2017 solo debut, Introducing Stokley – is his way of helping to motivate the masses to do something positive and good. "We need change, and I'm gonna start with me, " he passionately sings throughout the chorus. But it's the second verse of the soulful groove where he really goes in, "Murder rate at an all-time high / Working two jobs, and you're barely getting by / Scared to drive and frightened to fly / Afraid to fail, so you won't even try / Too much information and not enough truth / Delusions of grandeur are numbing our youth / A video, these days, is not enough proof / I'm not complaining, just contemplating / I'll start with me." It's a pertinent message indeed, but as Stokley's distinctive vocals meld with a funky bass line, lively rhythm section, blazing horns and melodic keys, there's no denying that "We Me" issa bop as well.

Oddly, the accompanying music video directed by Kreative Swing slices a full minute off "We Me" towards the end, but thankfully, the black-and-white visual is still impactful enough to get its point across. Stream the full song and watch the shortened visual version below. To help foster solidarity through conversation, Stokley is asking people to state what they are willing to help change (i.e. sexism, inequality, racism etc.) by using the hashtag: #webethechange. But don't just talk about it, y'all.

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