Tyler, The Creator Delivers Some Slick Wordplay & Visuals For ‘OKRA’

Tyler, The Creator is an artist who truly lives up to his name. The Los Angeles native is constantly in the lab experimenting and developing his craft. He's gone in-depth on his creative process, especially in his recent interview with Jerrod Carmichael. But words mean nothing without actions, and the story behind his latest loosie "OKRA" gives us details about his work ethic. “OKRA” isn’t a new song on a forthcoming album, a diss track to another artist or any of the usual reasons artists release tracks outside of their usual release schedules. Tyler calls it a “throwaway song.” Pretty much, he was in the lab playing around. Instead of letting it sit on his hard drive to languish in obscurity as a rare groove or b-side, our main man decided to just share it with the world. While Tyler describes it as a “throwaway song,” we think this head knodder might make you throw your back out.

On “OKRA,” Tyler gives a couple of hot bars about money, cars, hoes and the buzz around his GRAMMY-nominated album Flower Boy over a bass heavy synth track. Peep the lyrics, "I'm big mac I'm quarter pound, you chicken nugget / F**k it travel bag Balenciaga 30,000 just for luggage / Financial advisor buggin flower boy is buzzin / Grammy nominated tell yo cousin aint no body f**king with him." The track is less introspective than we're used to hearing from the Odd Future frontman. However, that doesn't take away from the heat of the club-ready track. 

In addition to releasing a sizzling track, Tyler also dropped a video to complement the song. The video uses a split screen, with the title of the song occasionally flashing across the screen. While the clip uses multiple scenes and locations, the narrative has a calm cool Tyler on the left, while delivering his braggadocios rhymes on the right. We get to see him chilling on a grassy knoll, riding bikes, flexing in his whip and giving people seizures with A$AP Rocky.

Hit play to get a hearty serving of  Tyler, The Creator's "OKRA" and let us know if it will make it onto your springtime bops playlist.

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