Relive ‘Black Panther’ In The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pray For Me’ Lyric Video

With the film inching closer and closer to the billion-dollar mark every day, we're sure most of you have gotten your passports stamped in Wakanda by going to see Marvel's blockbuster Black Panther. And, if you haven't, what the hell are you waiting for? The movie itself isn't the only thing worth talking about, either. The film's soundtrack took the top spot on the charts when it was released and has had folks nodding their heads to it ever since. We've already received two videos from the set, and now we have a lyric video for The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar collaboration "Pray For Me."

Rather than go the typical route and just have lyrics flash on the screen with very little context, the clip offers a mini animated movie of its own. Using only black, white and neon shades of pink, blue, green and a few other hues, the clip reimagines pivotal scenes of the film while drawing upon the song's lyrics (which are flashing at the bottom of the screen like subtitles) to create a narrative. The lyric video also utilizes actual scenes from the film (but don't worry, they're mostly scenes that can be found in the trailer — no spoilers here) to remind us of the splendor and struggle that was brought to the big screen while bringing Wakanda to life.

While we're definitely probably going to give Black Panther several more viewings in the theater, we'll happily sing along to Abel and Kung Fu Kenny while watching this clip. Check out the "Pray For Me" lyric video below.

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