Alex Isley Makes Simple Sexy In ‘On II U’ Video

Singer/songwriter Alex Isley continues to stoke the fire she originally lit with her track "On II U." She released the lead single from her latest EP The Beauty of Everything, Part 1 late last year, and now she returns with an entrancing visual. The track itself tells a tale of a man whose sly attempts to gain her affection have not gone unnoticed. In her sweet and soothing tone, she sings, “You're something else / You know what you do / And I'll play right along, right along / Just like a fool.” The California-based beauty produced and wrote the tune, which is kept clean and uncomplicated and features super-producer Terrace Martin on synthesizers.

The Kelli Scates-directed visual is rather simplistic in its beauty as well. In a room draped in hues of purple, pink and blue, we first see Alex enter donned in a black top, distressed jeans and black pumps. She makes her way over to a record player, plays a tune and kicks off her heels, as she is set to relax and get comfy. With only the record player, a vase of spring flowers and a pillow, the focus is on Alex as she vibes out, singing along to the song. As the tone of the tune changes from one of flirtation to a more direct exchange with Alex declaring, “Tell me what you want, and I'ma make you feel alright,” we now see her sexy but tasteful silhouette, offering a bit of a tease. The visual captures the delicate femininity of both the track and her voice and continues the theme of everything beautiful in life and love.

Catch a vibe and watch Alex Isley’s video for “On II U,” and be sure to add her EP The Beauty of Everything, Part 1 to your collections via Amazon or iTunes.


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