Bobby Earth Sets The ‘Mood’

Bobby Earth has been whispering sweet nothings in our ears for a minute with ethereal sounds like those found on his Shafiq Husayn collab "Candyland" and his EP The Book of Genesynth. Now he's back to take us on a sensual journey with his latest single, "Mood," taken from his upcoming EP, Cloudy McSunshine.

For his new song, Earth is sticking close to the relationship-centric material that he has tackled in the past. However, this time around the Houston native is showcasing a more mature sound as he details the ways he wants to keep his lover around for the long haul. Ever the gentleman, he never veers into over-the-top territory, instead allowing the self-produced track to do much of the mood setting for him on the piano and bass-laden song. It burns slow and ever so sexy as he coyly sings, "Can I wake you up just to share my love? / Can I take you up to the stars above? / Do the thing we do when we in the mood / Tryna to get with you / Permeable."

"Mood" is the first single from the new project, which will be released on Earth's own Milky Wayv Music. The label was born out of the production company and music collective founded by Earth, and it is home to fellow indie artists such as ErosSolaceMuwosi and Trey Graves. While we are certainly looking forward to what else is in the pipeline from this creative collective, we are just as content to sit back and enjoy the new sounds put forth by this young talent. Press play and see if Bobby Earth doesn't leave you yearning to set the mood with that special someone in your life.

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