Chaka Khan Brings ‘Every Woman’ To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

There is and will always be only one Chaka Khan. With a career spanning nearly 50 years, the iconic singer has lit up stages far and wide with her impressive talents and unique style. The latest stage that Miss Chaka graced was the one at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the singer trotted out what is perhaps her signature song, "I'm Every Woman," to give the late night audience a special treat.

Being the original artist of the track, which was penned by songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson for Chaka's 1978 debut solo album, Chaka's version is the definitive one. So seeing her perform the song 40 years later — especially on such a mainstream program — speaks to just how powerful it is and how revered she is. That being said, this wasn't necessarily her best performance of it. Decked out in a fringed black dress and with her headful of curls billowing, Chaka served up big-voiced soul like only she can. However, there were times when her voice seemed to get away from her, and she seemed to be hollering in order to rein it back in. However, when she did manage to get back in control, it led to some sublime moments onstage that showed why she is indeed legendary.

Check out Chaka Khan doing her thing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below, and be sure to catch her this summer when she hits several festival stages across the globe.

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