There’s ‘Nowhere’ We’d Rather Be Than In The Groove With N’Dambi & All Cows Eat Grass

Just when we were about to put out an APB for N'Dambi, the Dallas-based songstress pops back up in our lives. It's been nine very long years since her last studio album, Pink Elephant. Outside of rocking a few stages here and there, much hasn't been heard from her since. Thankfully, N'Dambi's back and she's teaming up with All Cows Eat Grass to bring us a new EP next month entitled Air Castle. She's also giving us the first listen of what's to come with the release of a new single, "Nowhere."

The song finds N'Dambi leaning hard into ACEG's signature fusion of jazz, funk and electronic music. But don't get it twisted, the R&B vet still infuses her own style into the mix with her sultry, soulful vocals. "I'm gonna take you to a place that's far away," she sings as a synth bass line gurgles to life. "Baby just free your mind, let's go where dreams are made." From there, things kick off as the rest of the track begins to come to life as synths swirl and buzz to create an inviting atmosphere. At the heart of it all, though, is N'Dambi, who beckons listeners to step further into the fray and stay a while.

"Yes, I have been absent and it has been hard to talk about why I needed the quiet," N'Dambi shared in an Instagram post about her absence, the track and the upcoming EP. "However, I hope you all will accept this token of love as I could never have been brave enough to make if [ACEG's Terrence "T. Brown" Brown] hadn't held my hand the whole way.

Air Castles is set to be released on May 4th. Listen to how N'Dambi and All Cows Eat Grass get down on "Nowhere" below.

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