Saint Barthe Is Drunk In Love In ‘Sober’

After a nearly two-year hiatus, singer/songwriter Saint Barthe (the artists formerly known as Stacy Barthe) returns with a new glow and a warm weather jam to go with it. The energy surrounding her and her new single “Sober” is palpable and comes through in every element, from the breezy, Caribbean-style beat to her confident and carefree tone to the transparency of the lyrics. She sings about finally arriving at a point where she's comfortable in her own skin and ready to receive the love she deserves. No longer needing to be in an altered state to experience life and all its beauty, there’s a triumphant spirit as she sings, “Tired of numbing myself / I’m dying to feel something else / I want an intentional thing / I wanna make love in the daytime without me hiding / Hiding behind the sheets / Let you see all of me.”

The accompanying visual, directed by Raquel Lee-Bolleau, captures her current state of joy in an exquisite way. We watch as Ms. Barthe and her chocolate companion take in the sights and love on each other as they frolic through an island paradise. The feeling of contentment is contagious as we can’t help but smile and beam with delight as she marks her comeback after a particularly difficult time in her life. We are glad to see that she is finding her way and chooses to use her pain and platform to help and strengthen others. In her recovery, she has become an advocate for suicide prevention, bringing some much-needed attention to a widespread issue. Her courage and the honesty in her art might just be the fuel others need for their own journey toward self-acceptance. Love and light, sis!

Have your own moment of clarity and watch Saint Barthe’s “Sober” video below.

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