The Hamiltones Learn That ‘Money Can’t Buy You Love’

The Hamiltones seem to have been everywhere as of late. They've shared the stage with Tori Kelly, hit the studio with PJ Morton, dropped off an acoustic performance and, of course, supported their homie Anthony Hamilton on stage. While they've been working quite well at helping others to shine, they take some time to put the focus on themselves with the arrival of their new single "Money Can't Buy You Love (#MCBYL)."

The trio collaborates with fellow NC native Ricco Barrino (who happens to be Fantasia's brother) on the track as they tackle the age-old adage that still rings true. A bumping sound bed of drums, tambourine and fluttering piano chords set the scene for the story to follow. The first verse tells the story of a man in love. Sadly, his bank account is what the woman of his dreams was after and he couldn't keep up. The second verse addresses the lady directly as they wonder why their best just wasn't good enough. With the lesson now learned, they harmonize sweetly on the chorus, repeating the song's title and ad-libbing what money can and can't get you.

"Money Can't Buy You Love" is a nice, modern R&B sound for the fellas, showing that these guys can deliver just about anything you ask them to and do it quite well in the process. Now we only have one question for the guys: When can we expect that album?

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