Brayton Bowman Mashes Up Cardi B & Lauryn Hill Jams On ‘Cardi’s Ex-Factor’

Now that the weather is heating up, we're always looking for some summertime jams to add to our playlists. Lucky for us, Bounce-Worthy singer Brayton Bowman is giving us something to rock to after he decided to do a mashup of Cardi B's "Be Careful" and Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor." We already know Cardi sampled Ms. Hill's chorus on her latest track, and most recently the 1998 hit got new life this week when she performed a special version of "Ex-Factor" with a remix of "Nice For What" live at the Apollo Theater. Brayton decided to flip Cardi's track and infuse more of Lauryn lyrics, making it an uptempo jam with his vocals and production from Staygold.

In the almost four-minute mashup, Brayton speaks his peace, infusing more pieces of Hill's "Ex-Factor" on top of the synth-heavy instrumentals for "Be Careful." About the track, he said he "threw some weird s**t up on my soundcloud for the first time in a MINUTEEEEE." And thankfully he did because the track, with its infectious percussion and smooth vocals, is worth a few repeat listens.

Brayton is not a novice when it comes to clever covers. The singer has so far given us a Rihanna and NSYNC mashup, and taken on other artists including Britney SpearsStevie Wonder, Drake and Justin Bieber and more. Listen to Brayton's "Cardi's Ex-Factor" right here and let us know if his creative flip makes your playlists.

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