This Notorious B.I.G. Cover By Butcher Brown Is ‘Unbelievable’

We've known that Virginia-based jazz/R&B outfit Butcher Brown knew their way around a slick instrumental. Now, however, the fellas are also proving that they know their way around treasured hip-hop classics as well.

The five-man crew recently got together to do a note-for-note cover of The Notorious B.I.G.'s boastful jam "Unbelievable." Of course, when approaching such a hip-hop classic, you have to come correct. Luckily, they do just that. The band recreated the melodic track right down to the R. Kelly sample (sang by keyboardist DJ Harrison). That leaves resident emcee Marcus Tenney to spit the rhymes, which he does well enough to make Biggie proud and bring a smile to any hip-hop lover's face. While hip-hop and jazz have long been bedfellows, Butcher Brown reminds us just how well the genres play with each other and just how innovative talented musicians can be.

Celebrate Biggie's 46th birthday today, and check out both the audio of the Butcher Brown's cover and a video of the song's recording below. If you want to see the quintet make music magic live and in person, catch them at one of their upcoming live shows. Their next outing will be May 25th at Richmond, Virginia's Friday Cheers. Other upcoming dates can be found on the band's website.

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