Jorja Smith Brings A ‘Fresh FOCUS’ To TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’

Nearly 20 years ago, TLC dropped what would become their classic single, "No Scrubs," giving women all over the world a new way to kick would-be suitors to the curb. Singer Jorja Smith may have only been a toddler when the song was released but that doesn't mean that she isn't amongst the countless others who still hold the song near-and-dear to their hearts. She recently paid homage to TLC's version with a live version that is just as catchy as the original as part of Box Fresh's "FOCUS Artist of the Month" series.

Smith tackled the song with a live band backing her. Though she maintains the same melody of the original, she refreshes the song with flourishes of jazz and soul, injecting a languid warmth into the empowerment anthem. Her effortless delivery keeps things light, even when her band breaks things down towards the end. It is a fun and contemporary take that manages to stay true to its predecessor while also remaining true to the unique style that this young Brit is bringing to the table.

Her Box Fresh performance isn't the first time she's put her own spin on TLC's legendary version; she also covered it during her recent Coachella appearance and during a performance on BBC Radio 1xtra, proving that her love for the Atlanta trio is as real as it gets. Smith's appearance in Box Fresh's series is just the latest move in a flurry of activity that includes her late night television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the release of her latest video, "Blue Lights."  Up next for the rising star is her highly-anticipated debut album, Lost & Found, which is due to drop June 8th. Until then, feast your eyes and ears on this updated take and prepare to hear "No Scrubs" like you've never heard it before.

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