Little Dragon Becomes ‘Best Friends’ With Christian Rich On This Rework

It's pretty difficult to improve on the original formula of Little Dragon. The Swedish quartet has found a unique niche with their mix of electronica, soul and whatever other elements they feel like mixing in at the time that just works. However, on the rare occasion that a remixer truly understands the band's aesthetic, you get musical magic. It looks like production duo Christian Rich has created such an occasion with their remix of LD's recent loosie "Best Friends."

The song, a bittersweet ode to a faltering friendship, doesn't seem like fodder for a two-step-worthy remix. That's not a problem for Christian Rich, though. They somehow tap into the slight melancholy of the lyrics, incorporating it into the airy, atmospheric synths that envelop lead singer Yukimi Nagano's vocal during the verses. Once that's done, they simply anchor it all with a thudding kick that aims to get toes tapping. It's the chorus, though, that really gets things moving. An explosion of sound, the chorus utilizes a stretchy bass line and slightly warmer synths to call everyone to the floor to dance the blues away before they chop and repeat Yukimi's vocal and lead us into the next verse.

Needless to say, we're pretty enamored with this remix and are pretty sure you will be, too. You can check out how Christian Rich reworked Little Dragon's "Best Friends" into a soulful house stunner below. As well, LD looks to be pretty busy this summer with a number of live dates (including a few Stateside). To get the full list of where to catch them, head to their website.

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