Nick Grant & Stacy Barthe Pay Tribute To The ‘Black Woman’

Mother's Day has come and gone and, while many a beautiful black woman was celebrated, there's more than just one day a year to celebrate the beauty of our sisters. Rapper Nick Grant doesn't waste any time making sure that black queens feel appreciated every day of the year with the video for his track "Black Woman."

With "Black Woman," he takes the time out to show the variety of women in the diaspora in all their glory. The smoothed-out track allows Nick the chance to get his feelings about black women out. He honors them for their looks, their style, their heart and their spirit, at one point even calling them "the closest thing to God." Joining him in tribute in is Stacy Barthe, who's been going by St. Barthe as of late. The singer delivers a meditative refrain, reminding all the black women out there that they mean the world. With the video, he presents women young and old and of all shapes and sizes, showering praise upon them.

"Black Woman" is just one track on the rapper's upcoming mixtape Dreaming Out Loud, which is set to arrive on May 18th. “I’m growing to learn that money is cool but having a voice that could help preserve the culture is better," he said of his upcoming release. "I just want to compete and contribute. God willing, the words on this mixtape inspire the people that listen.” Check out Nick Grant's video for "Black Woman" below.

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