Brasstracks & Xavier Omär Suggest Past Lovers ‘Stay There’

Trumpeter Ivan Jackson and drummer Conor Rayne, collectively known as Brasstracks, are back with another groove that is sure to make you move. This time, the GRAMMY-winning pair partners with crooner Xavier Omär for a cheerful and catchy track entitled “Stay There.” True to form, the vibrant tune is a seamless blend of jazz and R&B with its heavy percussion and lively horns. Xavier tops it off with his smooth and sultry vocals as he assures his former lover that love does not live here anymore and she should keep it movin’. He sings, "Stay there / If you’re in my past, baby, won’t you just stay there / Won’t ya stay there / Stay there / Ain’t no comin’ back, baby, won’t you just stay there / Won’t ya stay there / ‘Cause I ain’t got the time to second guess or look behind.”

When asked about the gleeful tone of the track, they describe it as a reflection of how they are feeling at this point in their lives and career. “The sound of the track had to do with where our heads are at right now. It’s a happy sounding, summer record. I guess we’re happy right now. Life is good and we’re making moves.” The NY-based duo has a lot to be happy about, as their 6-track EP For Those Who Know, Pt. 1, which featured their ode to NYC "Brownstone" with London-born vocalist BXRBER, has remained in heavy rotation since its release last fall. Fans are joining in all the excitement as they gear up to release their much-anticipated follow-up EP, For Those Who Know Pt. II. They say the forthcoming project is a summer record and they “want people to kick back, play it at their barbecue and feel good!" They add, "We’re happy to be back to making some feel-good music for the people.”

Give the latest track from Brasstracks featuring Xavier Omar a spin below and be sure to add it to your Summer ’18 playlist.

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